Choosing contraception for a modern girl

Both men and women are concerned about unwanted pregnancy. But especially the latter, since high-quality contraception not only protects against the onset of unwanted pregnancy, but also maintains the body’s homeostasis.

Protection options
Today, many different options for contraceptives are available in the world: vaginal ring, condoms (including female ones), intrauterine devices, various types of spermicides, combined oral contraceptives (COCs), etc. In fact, they are all divided into two types: barrier and pharmacological.

Of the less popular options, it is worth noting “natural contraception”, which is based on the calendar or temperature method (a rather risky option), as well as voluntary sterilization. The latter, according to the law, is performed in healthy fertile men and women with two or more children.

It should be understood that none of the methods of protection against unwanted pregnancy gives a 100% guarantee – not even sterilization. However, for combined oral contraceptives this figure reaches 99%, so today they are in great demand.

Hormonal methods
In the phrase “hormonal contraceptives,” the very first word scares many women. Yes, in clinical practice, hormones are “heavy artillery”, which has a complex effect on the body and causes quite significant changes in it. However, all this is true for hormone replacement therapy, which is prescribed by doctors for serious pathologies and has nothing to do with modern contraception.

In this regard, hormones can be compared to … apples. A few will benefit the body, but try to eat, say, five kilograms at a time – and digestive problems are guaranteed. The micro-dosage of hormones in the latest oral contraceptives are designed to be protective while causing a minimum of side effects.

Regarding the types of oral contraceptives, they are combined (estrogen + progesterone), only progestogen (progesterone) and prolonged action. In turn, COCs are mono-, two- and three-phase, which depends on the dosage of the hormones included in their composition (1, 2 and 3 dose options in each package).

Natural Hormone Formula Tablets
One of the latest discoveries of modern contraception can be called pills with a formula of natural hormones – a combination of hormones that is as close as possible to the hormones naturally produced in a woman’s body. Thus, maximum protection against unwanted pregnancy is realized with minimal side effects.

The Natural Hormone Formula tablets are monophasic oral contraceptives containing 17β-estradiol and nomegestrol acetate, which are identical to estrogen and progesterone in women. Nomegestrol acetate (NOMAC) is not just a progestogen, but a selective progestogen. This is a very important detail that is worth paying attention to – selectivity means “targeting” the receptors of specific hormones without affecting the rest.

NOMAC also makes the uterine and tubal mucus more viscous, which physically impedes the passage of sperm and further enhances the defense. Today it is more than 99% – this is a significant guarantee of preventing unwanted pregnancy.

Various clinical studies have not revealed a negative systemic effect of the combination of 17β-estradiol and nomegestrol acetate. In particular:

● no development of arterial hypertension was recorded;

● there was no increase in blood sugar and lipids;

● body weight remains the same;

● there is no engorgement of the mammary glands;

● the condition of the skin does not deteriorate, or slightly improves;

● calcium metabolism is not affected, so bone mineralization remains stable;

● does not affect the endocrine organs (adrenal glands and thyroid gland);

● does not increase the risk of ovarian and endometrial cancer.

Thus, combined oral contraceptives are really safe and can be used for a long time.

Protection guarantee
Moreover, long-term use of monophasic COCs with 17β-estradiol and nomegestrol acetate has a positive effect on a woman’s well-being. This method is a good prevention of many pathologies: anemic syndrome, PMS, ectopic pregnancy, osteoporosis, climacteric disorders, endometrial hyperplasia and cancer, fibroids, cysts, etc.

The half-life of the formula of natural hormones from the body is 46 hours, so skipping one active tablet does not reduce the reliability of protection. In other cases, it is better to consult with your


As you can see, modern pills with a natural hormone formula have many advantages over other methods of preventing unwanted pregnancies. The main ones are:

● Ease of use – 1 tablet every day (the package contains 4 “placebos” without active ingredients, so as not to forget about the daily intake).

● Naturalness and physiology – the maximum correspondence to the hormonal level of the female body.

● Effective prevention – Pearl’s index (reflects the number of unplanned pregnancies per 100 women) for girls 18–35 years old is 0.38.

● Long-term protection – up to 46 hours from each tablet.

Tablets with a natural hormone formula are suitable for all women who have no contraindications. Contraindications are: arterial and deep vein thrombosis, severe neurological conditions, liver tumors, as well as pregnancy and postmenopause.

But do not forget about modern achievements and do not hesitate to ask specialists about them. For the selection of contraception, consult your doctor.